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The Eccles Experience

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you and your staff for all your epic hard work and support for our wedding, it really was the happiest day(s) of our lives, and it was such a perfect venue for us to have our mega weekend wedding party! 

We couldn't be happier with how it all went, and all of our guests had so much praise for the venue! 

Here are the reasons why we picked your venue at Knockerdown Cottages to hold our Weekend Wedding Retreat...

When we first started looking at venues, the only thing we were certain on was that we wanted our wedding to be an informal, fun, weekend long party with all of our favourite people.

We wanted a venue that was a blank canvas, but it also needed to be accessible for our guests (and not in the middle of nowhere up a dirt track or open to the good old British weather elements)!

We looked for months and months and nothing was quite right, everything was either too rustic, or you would have to sacrifice any creativity and input for something a bit more grand - which we felt wasn't very 'us'.

When we found Knockerdown farm, we fell in love immediately; it was such a logical decision to book it! 

We felt that the value for money was fantastic, and because the venue is in the heart of the country, it was really central and accessible for everyone. The public transport routes were great too. It was fantastic giving our guests the option to stay on site (many of them did), so we could spend the whole weekend with people who had travelled long distances.

The accommodation element of the venue made everyone much more relaxed, knowing they could stumble to their cottages after too many proseccos whenever they liked. (It also meant in the guests could get to know each other before the big day by chatting on the picnic benches in the courtyard or while taking a stroll around the meadow, or having competitive banter in the games room - something you wouldn't normally get with with a hotel wedding.

Being able to have the Ceremony, Drinks Reception, Wedding Breakfast, Reception Party AND accommodation for ALL guests in the same place meant that guests could relax and enjoy themselves.

We loved being able to put our own personal stamp on the whole venue without having to worry about any of the things you usually would need to worry about in a standard DIY venue (such as a barn). Things like the room turnaround, toilets, sound systems, heating etc were all covered by the venue. (The costs to hire these kinds of things for a barn or tipi will add up very quickly!) The balance of DIY responsibility was perfect. We didn't feel limited with what we were allowed to do, or what we could have on site.

The wonderful staff at Knockerdown were supportive and extremely attentive throughout our whole planning process, Fiona the Events Co-ordinator kept us on track with her to do checklist, and she helped to make our day so special. The Events Team have got a wealth of knowledge and experience, and they were always so happy to help! They always made us feel like our Wedding was the only Wedding they had on that year!  

I would recommend to anybody that if you want a venue that's great value, spacious, accessible, a beautiful clean blank canvas, and comes with fantastic knowledgeable and experienced staff, then look no further than Knockerdown Cottages. 

We couldn't recommend Knockerdown Cottages highly enough, all of our guests loved it!

Huge thanks again for everything, I'm sure we will see you again soon!

Mr and Mrs Eccles (yayyyy!) Xxx