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Rescue Robin!

I’ve only been with Gainsborough Retreats a couple of months, employed as their new marketing manager and I wanted to impress with some interesting newsletter stories which would give you, our readers, something to talk about. I asked the staff at Gainsborough for little stories every week about ‘What’s Happened’ on site that week.  
Lovely Fiona Buxton at Knockerdown Cottages wrote to me with this story which conjured up some rather bizarre images in my mind!…
“Tina & I (Fiona) were working away quite happily when we heard a commotion in the games room at Knockerdown Cottages, we rushed in to see Robin had come into the games room, dashing around everywhere and knocked himself clean out into the windows”...
As I’m still trying to get used to all the staff names at Gainsborough Retreats I presumed that Robin was the Caretaker who I'd recently been introduced to and imagined him wildly playing table tennis in the games room and getting so enthusiastic that he stretched out to hit the ball and flew into the window knocking himself clean out on the floor!
Oh dear - poor Robin I thought - and how clumsy! If that image wasn’t silly enough, Fiona then went on to say…
“Tina picked up poor Robin in her arms & carried him out to the gardens where Robin lay dazed and confused. We thought it was best for Robin to rest for awhile & placed him gently up in a tree on a sturdy branch for him to recover & spread his wings again”. 
By this time I was most confused!
Imagining little Tina stumbling & carrying a full grown Caretaker man over her shoulder swamped in her arms and out into the garden with him balancing on a branch in a daze up a tree!
It was only after pondering for a minute, chewing my pen, thinking how bizarre this was & wondering how I could write this very odd story that I realised Robin was in fact a BIRD and NOT the CARETAKER  - who’s name is PETE - not ROBIN.