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Coat hangers disguised!


A large party recently vacated from our Knockerdown Cottages site, and like clockwork Housekeeper Louise went in to clean the cottages from top to bottom. Louise occasionally comes across objects that might be broken or misplaced but she was most surprised when she found 12 white wooden coat hangers had gone missing. After looking high and low the coat hangers were nowhere to be found.

To follow up on the disappearing coat hangers we sent an email to our departed guests asking if they could shed any light. We found the guests' email response back quite amusing!...

Hi Tina, 

I'm sorry, i have very silly friends. 

Apparently the  12 missing coathangers can be found under the duvets in the twin bedroom.

If you're wondering why, they were put there for another gentleman guest to 'find' the coat hangers when settling down into bed - he was meant to be staying in this twin bedroom, but then we found out he relocated to a different room and so the coathangers were never found by anyone! 

We had a really lovely time, hopefully you will allow us to return despite our childishness :) 




As we said - we do love our guests!