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What's happening during Wildlife Week?


Have you ever stumbled upon a field of bright pink flowers, watched birds nesting with their young or tracked a bee making it's way from flower to flower? During May the coast is rich with wildlife waiting to be discovered.

Join the National Trust for Wildlife Week from 25th - 31st May for advice on where to spot wildlife from National Trust rangers and wildlife bloggers, tick off a few from the 50 Things list and share your wildlife spots with them - they'll be sharing them every day on social media.


    What to spot in May?

    Thrift, or sea pink, growing on the coastal slope on the south side of the Marloes Peninsula

The National Trust will be sharing wildlife to watch out for in May and where you can spot it. May is a great month to spot flowers, birds, insects and sealife.


      Advice from rangers and wildlife bloggers

      Captain Skim

Ever wondered where the best location to spot birds is? Or how to find the signs that an animal has been there before you? The National Trust will be answering questions live with National Trust rangers and wildlife bloggers.

      50 Things

      Birdwatching 50 Things

    Let your outdoor adventure start here. There's a whole host of wildlife activities on the 50 Things list. Have you hunted for bugs? Or bird watched?

    Get lots of ideas for things to do on the 50 Things website.

      Share your wildlife finds with us

      A flock of starlings flying in close formation

    The National Trust are looking for wildlife spotters all over the Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire to send in your spots viaFacebook or Twitter. Let them know where you've spotted and what you've seen. They'll be sharing wildlife every day with the community.




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