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Under The Spotlight!


This month we are "Introducing Jo" 

We like our readers to know a bit about us, so this month we have our new Nether Burrows Farm Site Manager Jo Goold. 

Let's start with a story Jo! Since working at Gainsborough Retreats has anything happened that's been a great "dining story" to share with everybody? 

"I did have a strange experience when driving to Nether Burrows Farm the other day...."

A Ghostly Experience?

"No not a ghostly one, although the cleaners have reported some unearthly happenings at the Farm! This particular story does have a bit of a ghastly end though unfortunately!" 

We're intrigued! 

"As I was driving to Nether Burrows Farm along the beautiful country roads there was a lot of nature around early in the morning - at the moment there are A LOT of pheasants! I'm always careful when driving around the countryside for this reason.  

As I was carefully driving around all the bends, I noticed a Mercedes Convertible (with it's top down in winter!!!) race up behind me, he was driving so close he could have been in my boot! Clearly wanting to drive his fast car with the top down in winter he wanted to get the most out of his country drive and probably didn't appreciate my cautious driving. 

At that moment, a very unfortunate pheasant ran out of the bushes and straight into my car and over the windscreen. I didn't have any time to react but just watched what was unfolding as the pheasant went over the top of my car, I saw feathers everywhere in my rear view mirror and to my horror watched the feathers and the pheasant drop into the Mercedes Convertible driving behind me! 

My thoughts were with the poor deceased pheasant of course but I couldn't help see the funny side of a man in a suit in a flashy convertible covered in feathers with a new ride along to boot! 

The moral of the story is of course, not to tail gate!" 


Jo has come to us after living and working in Portugal for 26 years in the tourism industry, she decided 3 years ago to return to the beautiful Derbyshire countryside.

Jo loves to exercise - in particularly going for a walk or horse riding.

Horses are a big passion of Jo's, growing up in Cornwall she was able to horse ride every day and kept the hobby going strong in Portugal where she rode freely on the beach!

Jo could be our next Horse Whisperer as she has a keen interested in Horse Psychology & "Intelligent Horsemanship".

Speaking of Horse Whisperers', Jo admires Monty Roberts - the American Horse Whisperer and was lucky enough to meet her idol in Portugal!

Jo started with Gainsborough Retreats with just a couple of hours here and there in our offices & has now become the Nether Burrows site manager - she just can't get enough of us!